Mulch. It Matters.

October 13, 2009 at 3:40 pm Leave a comment

What to do with the falling leaves? The best (and the easiest) option is to keep those leaves and their yummy nutrients in your yard. Say it with me: Mulch! It matters more than you might realize.

Only about half of Wisconsin residents compost their yard waste. They are clearly not as lazy as I am…who can be bothered to rake everything and move it all to the front of the yard for pick up?

The mulch (!) easier option is to rake smaller piles into the places in the yard that need warmth, protection, and nutrients. Into the flowerbeds! Under the bushes! In the herb pots! In my compost bin! Every place gets a pile of leaves.

How much does mulch matter? One-quarter of the U.S. waste stream is food and yard waste. Despite being easily compostable, these materials often go to landfills, which costs our taxpayers money and eventually adds to greenhouse gas emissions.

Worse still, if leaves are brushed into the streets, they can be washed into our lakes where the nutrients contribute to algae growth. And no one wants another summer of blue-green algae keeping us out of Lakes Monona and Mendota, now do we?

Be green. Have fun.


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