Renewable Energy: Easy as Pie in WI

March 30, 2010 at 10:07 am Leave a comment

Do you know the Union of Concerned Scientists? Love them! It’s a group of citizens and scientists (obviously!) who work together to promote a healthy environment. I often turn to UCS when I’m looking for perspective on science-based issues.

This week they issued a report that everyone (I’m talking to you legislators and voters) should read. Here is the headline:  Proposed Increase in Wisconsin’s Renewable Electricity Standard is Easily Achievable, Report Finds.  New Standard is Affordable, Would Cut Pollution And Boost State Economy.

Here’s a nice quote:

“Requiring more clean electricity here in Wisconsin means more jobs that can’t be outsourced,” said David Boetcher, government affairs coordinator for Wisconsin International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers State Conference of Inside Local.

Really, what else needs to be said? Jobs, cleaner air, reducing dependence on foreign oil. It’s all good and I’m proud to live in a state that is poised to be at the forefront of those changes.

Oh, one more point. Remember our friends at MGE always say, “The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t buy.” So while alternative energy is great, energy reduction at home and in our businesses is even better.

Speaking of, last week I checked a portable energy meter out from the Madison Public Library. You plug these devices into anything in your home that uses energy, push a few buttons, and voilà! It calculates the cost of the energy used by that appliance/computer/tv—including those that you think you’ve turned off but which are still using power to keep their buttons glowing.

Energy meters can be checked out at the Library

We have many such gadgets in our house. Some of them “need” to stay plugged in…like the ones that are recording tv shows when we’re not home, or keeping our wireless network functioning when we are. I’m not sure what the options are for turning these things off, but hopefully having the actual cost to keep them running will help my husband and I make decisions about what we can change.

I’m plugging it in tonight so I’ll let you know next week what we’ve learned.

Be green. Have fun.


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