Ode to the Everyday Eco-Heros

July 7, 2010 at 8:32 am Leave a comment

Hello Everyone!  My name is Anne Nardi and I am the new Community Relations Manager at Madison Environmental Group, Inc.  As I start this new opportunity I would like to take the chance and explain to all of our readers what EnAct and the Greener Faster Challenge mean to me.

While I commend the greener faster challenge participants for what they are attempting to do and for their inspiration, I would like to write this blog in honor of those of you out there who don’t consider yourself an Eco-Hero.  I am referring to those of you who try to walk but end up driving more often than not, who try to use reusable bags at the grocery store but forget them at home, or who mean to recycle and sometimes just throw out the messy spaghetti jars or bottles of shampoo.  You may not know it but each of you is an Eco-Hero too.

To me an Eco-Hero is someone who thinks about the environment.  You may not always get it right, myself included , but you try.  What you will find as you become a participant or a fan of EnAct is that there are tons of you out there.  In fact, chances are there are more of you out there than not.   As you get to know EnAct you will begin to realize that not everyone is as friendly towards the environment as they might like to think and that the best way to become greener is to get together with people like yourself and talk about the little things, the everyday things, the grocery bags and shampoo bottles.  Slowly but surely by starting to talk about these topics you will get better at driving less, and eating local and recycling.  You will find that to quote my favorite former employee of Madison Environmental Group, Inc.  “once you start to think about the environment, you can’t not think about it.” – Maria Sadowski.

So, thank you to all the EnAct participants and fans and followers.  And thank you to everyone that turns around and goes back inside to get their reusable grocery bags, even if you don’t do it every time, because you are my Eco-Hero.  And, To all of you out there that are as environmentally friendly as we all should be, and to our greener faster participants who are trying so hard for all of us to see- thank you for giving me all the inspiration that anyone could ask for.


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