“Our Future is Hanging on the Line”- from the new Documentary Drying for Freedom

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One of the suggestions in the EnAct:  Steps to Greener Living book is to try to reduce your energy consumption and one way to do that is to divorce your dryer. There are lots of ways to make your laundry habits more green, including only washing full loads, washing all your clothes on cold and using a clothes line or drying rack.  I am sure many of you already practice these very responsible habits.  However, in some places you are not allowed to hang your clothes on a line.  In fact one of our Greener Faster Challenge participants lives in one of these communities here in Madison and there is speculation that these communities and/or neighborhoods are on the rise.  This has recently become quite the dispute and in Mississippi one man was shot dead because of his clothesline.  Should we be allowed to hang our clothes out to dry?

Well if you consider what the use of dryers is doing to our planet and our pockets it might just make you think differently about this topic.  The dryer uses up 6% of the average American’s house and costs up to 5 billion dollars annually!  Check out Drying for Freedom for more information- there is a documentary coming out this month about this new Eco-Battle.  Also if you would like to see what divorcing your dryer could save you go to Project Laundry List to do a clothing care calculation.    Plus did you know how many different ways there are to dry your clothes without a dryer?!  Even if you do live in a community that does not allow a clothes line, there are an abundance of drying racks out on the market, and you can even make your own.  Look at Tip for the Planet to find out-  these are making my drying rack look pretty shabby…these aren’t your mother’s drying racks!

Photo by ChelseaH

Also, if you find yourself outraged by the fact that some people are not allowed to dry their clothes on a line outside you can go to Right 2 Dry and sign a petition to allow everyone to dry their clothes on a clothesline.

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