The best things really do come in small packages

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Lately there has been a rush in the media about how sustainable city living can be.  I do agree that I drive a lot less since I live in a city, and I do live in closer quarters.  (Sometimes closer than I would prefer :))   However, I never thought that I was being sustainable as I was trying to cram all my clothes into my tiny closet.  It does follow the motto of owning less and living more, and if you look around you can find that there are a lot of things you can do with a small space to be chic and sustainable.

Some people have made a lot from there tiny spaces.  For instance this man from Hong Kong has lived in a 32 square foot apartment for over fifteen years!  And at times he even lived their with his entire family.  What is the trick?  He is an architect and designed the walls to slide so that the one room apartment can be transformed into any room you want- whether that is a den, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It is not too shabby for sure.

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Or check out this apartment in the East Village of New York City that is only 500 square feet- again they found space where you wouldn’t think to look- up.  It just goes to show that you can do a lot more than you would think with small spaces.  It makes you think…what else could I do a lot more with than I think I could?

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Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Green.



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“Our Future is Hanging on the Line”- from the new Documentary Drying for Freedom Turning Grey Water Green – The Untapped Potential for Saving Water

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