Are you Sleeping Green?

January 7, 2011 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

January is now well underway and that means that the winter gloom is starting to set in for all of us.  We have all started staying inside, watching TV, going to bed early, and eating lots of warm and hearty foods. Why not try to get out of that winter funk with some all natural bedding so that when you are ready to dive into that bed an all natural alternative awaits.

A great local choice for organic bedding is Golde’s Futon Warehouse which sells mattress for your bed as well.  They offer an organic mattress called the EcoSleep Natural Mattress.  The EcoSleep is made in Whitewater Wisconsin and is made from 100% natural talalay latex.  The mattress is made with no harmful chemicals and is made so that it will properly align your back for orthopedic support.

There is also Satara which offers great choices for organic crib mattresses and bedding for the baby in your life, and they also offer organic options for yourself, with organic mattresses made of organic cotton, natural latex and organic wool with no harmful chemicals.  They offer all the bed accessories as well such as comforters and pillows to mattress pads and sheets.

There are other choices that are not as local but are very organic and healthy such North Shore Bedding near Chicago which offers organic mattresses made of organic wool, organic cotton and all natural talalay and dunlap rubber latex.

Photo from East Coast Organic Mattress Store

If you are shopping for a new mattress the important thing is to try to find organic and natural products that are not made with polyurethane which is made from carcinogens and has been proven to off gas over time.  Many commercial mattresses can also be made with PCBEs and boric acid as flame retardants and these are also toxic chemicals that can off gas.  These compounds should be listed on the label so that you can find out for yourself.  Shopping organic is good for the organic industry and for your own health and happiness; studies have proven that people sleep better on natural fibers. So next time you fall into bed during this winter gloom, maybe you will think whether or not you are sleeping green?  I know I will.

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