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February 17, 2011 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

As our office is located on the third floor of a building on the square, we have inevitably been watching the rally progress throughout the week. It has been really interesting to watch the ebbs and flows of people and to hear the roar of crowds and, at one point, the Black Eyed Peas being blasted from somewhere.

This week has inevitably been an exciting one for Madisonians.  In fact, it’s been quite the year so far for Wisconsinites in general. We kicked off the new year by participating in the Rosebowl, which deserves recognition despite the loss. We also sent our football team to the Superbowl and won.  Now we are creating a level of activism that far surpasses anything we’ve seen in years that is gathering international attention.  The energy and dedication seen by the movement thus far is nothing short of amazing, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Although this isn’t directly a ‘green’ issue, there are so many lessons we can take from this event and apply towards the environmental field. It is no secret that some unfriendly legislation has already been passed against sustainability and environmentalism. Perhaps we need to approach these issues with the same kind of fervor seen by the participants in this rally. It is so important that the voice of the community is heard loud and clear.

The biggest thing to do is to stay informed and voice your opinion to your legislators. Most are open to your comments and concerns if you are willing to make the effort. I heard from a guest speaker in a class that one of the legislators she knows personally puts an issue at the top of his priority list if he receives only 3 phone calls or emails about it. It takes only 3 voices to push him into full action.  When you think about just how many people are in Madison, that is such a  tiny number.

Currently, there is an environmentally rally being planned for Earth Week on April 23rd from 1pm-3pm at the Capital Square. I encourage you all to consider participating so that you too can voice your opinion, whatever it may be. Hopefully, with extra participation, we can keep things moving forward for Wisconsin and be an example to our fellow states.


~EnAct Intern Kayla Baake


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