Spring Time Refresher Course

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With each day we get another degree warmer towards spring. It might be hard to have faith when the winter wind hits your face on your way in to work, but we all know that it is just around the corner. Before Spring gets here, there are a few reminders and things you can do to prep yourself for the new season and to keep yourself green and your home sustainable.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners: Whether it is homemade or bought at a store, make sure you are buying eco-friendly cleaners. Making them at home saves a lot of money and has a much lower impact on the environment since it saves energy and materials used to produce, package, and transport.  When you start cleaning, make sure your supplies are eco-friendly as well.  Paper towels and disposables can be wasteful. Try to invest in reusable cloths instead or use old t-shirts and cut them into rag sizes.  Use the dirtier or darker colored cloths for real messy jobs and the lighter colored, nicer cloths for hand drying. You can also designate different cloths to different rooms so you don’t end up cleaning your kitchen with the same cloth as your bathroom. Instead of reaching for a chemical air freshener, remember to use the weather to your advantage. Open your windows to provide fresh air.

Recycle: While doing your spring cleaning, you may have a few things to get rid of to clear up some clutter. Maybe your winter items are a little worn out after the season and you want to upgrade. Remember to resist just throwing things away. Once the weather warms up a bit, try having a yard sale. You can even team up with neighbors. If a yard sale doesn’t fit your needs, there is always craigslist, too.  If you have winter items to get rid of, make sure you check with local shelters. They are always looking for winter clothes for the homeless.

Check planting times: If you are planning on having a garden to grow your own vegetables, make sure you check the suggested planting times so you are all ready when the time comes. Here is a chart that lines up with Madison’s USDA zone.

Yard waste: Make sure to properly dispose of yard waste and remember that water and waste left in the street flows into our lakes and pollutes them.  Check out the yard waste drop off sites and times.

Hopefully this gave you a bit of a refresher in time to get ready for spring.  It won’t be long until we can pack away the winter coats for the season!

Kayla Baake
EnAct Intern

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