A St. Patrick’s Day Tribute to “Green” Beer

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We all know it’s important to eat local and organic and be conscientious buyers when purchasing out food. We should also consider the same for what we drink. Since today is St. Patty’s and many of you will be enjoying a green brew tonight I thought I’d fill you in on “green” brews in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

We are lucky enough to live in Wisconsin, where the art of brewing is no stranger. I discovered that Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee was rated as a top eco-friendly brewery on several sites. It is the oldest certified organic brewery! They are also proactive about their recycling and reusing as they donate approximately 15,000 lbs./week of spent grain and nutrient rich soil that provides growing power for an inner city farm.  When it comes to energy,  5% of Lakefront Brewery’s power is derived from wind power. What’s even better is that all of this is a local buy for Dane County residents.  After exploring their website, I discovered they have a Gluten-Free beer as well, which might be a pleasant surprise for all of you with gluten allergies.

Even Closer to home we have New Glarus Brewery and Capital Brewery. You can’t call yourself a Wisconsinite if you haven’t had a cold Spotted Cow after a long summer’s day. Luckily for us, this wonderful brew is made from 100% natural ingredients, as are all of New Glarus’ brews. They never use high fructose corn syrup either. They also have an all organic brew, Totally Naked. Capital Brewery’s Island Wheat uses wheat grown right on Washington Island in Wisconsin so it’s fresh and local.

New Belgium Brewery our of Fort Collins Colorado is a non-local option to consider. They are considered the leaders in eco-friendly brewing.  Read an interesting article on their efforts here.

a sight of beauty: the rooftop solar panels at New Belgium Brewery

Here is one last article on a few eco-friendly brewing topics.

So hopefully this helps you out on your quest to stay green on St. Patty’s day. Remember that all of our little choices, even which beer to have at the pub, add up to make a big difference.


~Kayla Baake
EnAct Intern


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