Sustainable Filet-o-Fish (with a side of fries)

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When I think of sustainable food chains I generally picture local farmer’s markets or neighborhood co-ops. An image of the famous McDonald’s golden arches is just about the last thing to comes to mind, but it might be time to rethink that perception.

Certified packaging, source: NYTimes

This Wednesday (also World Oceans Day), McDonald’s announced it will be serving sustainably certified white fish in 7,000 of it’s European restaurants, making the company the first in it’s sector to do so. The fish will be certified by independent non-profit organization, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). This is a further push in the ongoing European McDonald’s sustainability drive, which has been aimed at improving company image in recent years. Past steps have included coffee certified by Utz and cups certified by the Rainforest Alliance .

Freedom Fries

Now, before you end your fast-food boycott and make a McDonald’s run, it’s important to note that these certifications are in Europe, not the United States. While McDonald’s spokeswoman, Joanna Trigg, has stated that “there have been some conversations” about bringing the MSC certified Filet-o-Fish stateside, it hasn’t happened yet.

While the Marine Stewardship Council does have its skeptics too, I think it is an important example of the power of the customer to change a company.  Think of WalMart, not exactly green but they have made some very big changes thanks to the critics.  So as a reminder, keep encouraging companies to go-green because you never know who might listen.

-Dorothy, EnAct Intern

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