‘Tis the Season of Hippie Christmas

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It’s that time of year again. The boxes are out, the cleaning is in high gear, and apartment dwellers everywhere are reorganizing.  Soon the streets will be lined with left overs and unwanted clutter. Before you make your contribution to ‘Hippie Christmas’, make sure you read up on what can go on the streets for removal or reuse, and what needs to be taken to a recycling or waste facility.

The best options is, of course, to take your items to a donation center. If you don’t want to drive out to a Goodwill location or similar facility, there are several drop off sites within the city. They are located at Henry and Gorham,  South Charter and Mound,  and Mills and Spring. Check this site for information on operating times and specifics.

No car? No problem! This year, the city is offering FREE pick up of items for donation. For free pick up before August 12th call (608)278-2920. For pick up August 12th through the 14th call (608)692-3911 or flag down one of the donation trucks driving through the area.

Photo courtesy of Madison Streets & Recycling

For items that have reached the end of their days, you can throw them away, just be sure to bring your trash out regularly so as to not overfill your containers.  Trash is being picked up everyday between Thursday August 11th through Friday August 19th.Filling up the containers makes the items easier to get out to the curb, and it keeps unwanted material off of our streets. Pay attention to these guidlines:

  • Do NOT put trash in cardboard boxes. Boxes must be flattened and bundled for recycling.
  • Keep refuse and large items separate when placed at the curb.
  • Nothing but recycling in your green recycling cart. Do not put recycling in your tan refuse cart.
  • Put all recycling at the curb in the green recycling cart or clear plastic bags. No loose piles of recycling.
  • Do Not Take The Recycling or Refuse Carts. The Carts belong to the City and must remain behind when you move. There will be carts at your new apartment if you will be using City recycling services.
  • Do not pile bagged trash or large items around your recycling or refuse carts.
  • Put all refuse at the curb in your tan refuse cart or trash bags. No loose piles of trash/garbage.
  • Do not pile bagged trash or recyclables on top of furniture or appliances.
  • Keep larger metal items separate from other material so that it can be recycled.
  • Most appliances, including microwaves, require a fee for collection.

Electronic Waste should not be placed on the curb. E-Waste is dangerous for landfills and cannot be recycled at the city facilities. Read about what to do with computers and televisions here.

One last reminder while cleaning out your bathroom is to never throw out or flush medications or vitamins. Check the MedDrop Dane website for information on how to properly dispose of these items. They can contaminate our groundwater and lead to high levels of pollution and chemicals in our waterways.  And of course don’t forget to scavenge the street if you are looking for items for your home- reusing is another great way to ‘be green”.

Happy moving and Merry Hippie Christmas everyone!

~Kayla Baake

EnAct Intern


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