Leave the Leaf

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The Fall season brings us cool crisp days, ripe apples, pumpkin carving and leaves so vibrant it’s hard not to smile.  One can hardly walk outside without noticing the burnt oranges and golden yellows swaying in the wind gripping lifelessly to the branches.  As it won’t be long before the leaves “deliberately” prepare themselves for the return to Mother Earth, many people head to the garage in search of their rakes to prepare for the clean-up.  To help residents with the clean-up, the city of Madison has initiated a  program called, “Leave the Leaf.”

In an effort to encourage Madison residents to manage leaves on their property, the program is designed “to reduce phosphorus runoff from leaves, improve the quality of area soil and lawns, and reduce the need for more leaf collection trucks and staff” (City of Madison).

In addition, the city of Madison hopes to bring a new perspective to leaves.   “Leaves are an asset that can be used to improve your lawn and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. Leaves also make great mulch, garden cover, or rich compost.”

What can you do?

Any amount of leaves that you can handle at home will benefit the environment and help save tax dollars. Here are a few tips the city of Madison offers to help handle leaves on your property:

1) Mulch Leaves on Your Lawn

2) Make Leaf Compost

3) Make Leaf Mulch

4) Make Leaf Mold

See more tips from EnAct under the heading Topic 2: Waste less


Happy HalloGreen!

The EnAct Team,

Annie Marx


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