Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m Busy on Valentine’s Day, How About You???

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and is a holiday either you love or wish would just be over already. Some people are patiently waiting to spend the evening with their loved ones while others are still looking that one special person to make their Valentine’s Day memorable. Typical traditions of the holiday include exchanging gifts or cards with warm poetic professions of love and affection. Even though we are all aware of these traditions, have you ever wondered where did the holiday come from? Well here is a little background that I think might surprise you.


Who St. Valentine was is hotly debated and there seems to be no one legend to be validated as the true St. Valentine story. Interestingly enough, February has been without a doubt the month of love and romance for thousands of years.  As legend has in it, in ancient Rome, February was the start of spring and the mating season for birds. People used this time to clean out their houses, make anew, and prepare for the coming season of agriculture. There were many different rituals involved in how to properly clean and appease the roman god of agriculture. The festival of this season started off with the sacrifice of a goat in which the hides were believed to bring young women fertility in the upcoming year.  Following this ceremony the single women of the town placed their names into a communal urn where the single men of the town pulled names and were paired. These pairings most often ended in marriage. This tradition was looked down upon by the Catholic Church and was eventually outlawed. Even though the tradition ceased, many people still considered February to be a month of new beginnings and the start of romance.


So this February if you are one of those people who doesn’t get excited for the holiday or just haven’t found that special someone to share it with yet, take some time to do an old fashioned Roman cleanup. Clean out your house or apartment and get rid of any old clothes, appliances, or electronics that you aren’t using regularly. Recycle what you can at your local electronic store, goodwill or maybe give it to a friend that finds treasure in your trash. Check your fire and smoke alarms to make sure the batteries are up to date. Go through you fridge and see if you can take your leftovers and spice it up (literally add some new spices and be adventurous) into a new recipe.  Even sign up for the Greener Faster Challenge and learn more ways to reduce your ecological footprint and meet people who can help you achieve your goals. Either way get excited for February! The season of love is here and it is time to celebrate no matter what form your love or passion takes.

From your Valentine,

EnAct Intern Kelsey


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