Bees Bees Bees Pleasee!

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Bees are very underappreciated and devalued little insects. Many insects are misunderstood in fact, but bees especially have been feeling the brunt of humans’ distain. Children are afraid of being stung; adults dislike their constant buzzing around the garden, and thousands of bees are going extinct. Even though some humans don’t fully understand the important role they play, bees are an integral part of the world we live in. Here are ten facts about bees you might not know, and hopefully will make you appreciate all the hard work they do.


  1. There are over 20,000 known species of bees that exist on every continent excluding Antarctica.
  2. As bees search for nectar and pollen (their main source of food and energy), they pollinate flowering plants.
  3. An estimate 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption depends on pollination, mostly achieved by bees.
  4. Flowering plants have evolved to display certain colors and configurations that attract bees, including ultraviolet colors that are unrecognizable to the human eye.
  5. Honey bees are known to dance, release odors, and chemicals to communicate to other bees about places to find nectar and pollen.
  6. Bumble bees can fly at much lower temperatures than honey bees can, 10 degrees Celsius and even some records show bumble bees flying at zero degrees Celsius.
  7. Bumble bees pollinate over 50 fruits, vegetables, and plants used for their seeds.
  8. Honey bees use beeswax to build homes for their young and store pollen and honey called honeycomb cells.
  9. It has been predicted that bees fly about 150,000 miles (or roughly 6 times around the world) just to produce 1 single pound of beeswax.
  10.  Crops that are pollinated by bees are worth $20 billion as of 2000. (Could you imagine how much that has increased to today!)


As you can see bees are extremely important to our ecosystems, our gardens, and our local economies. This issue is becoming even more important here in Dane County. Madison Common Council is considering an ordinance to permit residents to keep as many as six bee hives within city limits. Cities like Denver, Cleveland and Minneapolis all have approved similar ordinances. Help show support for bees and all that they do for us. Stop by the Sustain Dane’s office (211 S. Paterson, Suite 200) on Saturday, February 25 between 9 am – 1 pm to pick up fliers and distribute them to family, friends, and community members. Feel free to post the flyers in coffee shops, community centers, or campus bulletin boards. Let’s get the word out about the importance of bees!



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