A Step in the Green Direction

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In our current economy, it is easy to hear news about government programs, school programs, or dramatic budget cuts. The Obama Administration announced on Wednesday, however, something more uplifting. There are now higher energy efficiency standards for residential dishwashers and clothes washers. This is a huge success for everyday Americans, especially if you are in the market to replace an old appliance. These new energy standards estimate to save consumers $350 billion on energy costs through 2030. The Department of Energy has been diligently working with consumer groups as well as industry and environmental groups to decide on these new standards, which clearly has been successful. This integration of interests and perspectives will benefit all parties involved; while saving people money in the process.

Some of the companies that worked on this project include Whirlpool, General Electric, and LG Electronics. Clothes and dishwashers account for about 20% of water use and 3% of energy use in the average residential household and these improvements can reduce water consumption by 35% and energy consumption by 15% for front-loading washing machines alone. These companies, and others, are still dedicated to finding new technologies and innovating ways to revamp the industry.Another uplifting fact about these new energy efficiency standards is that they aren’t alone. There have been over a dozen energy efficiency and cost-saving standards updates under the Obama Administration’s all-of-the-above approach to energy policy. There have been updates to other residential appliance standards for things like kitchen ovens, heating and cooling equipment, furnaces, refrigerators and much much more.

This is a great step forward for the private sector of our country to take initiative and provide consumers with more energy efficient products. Hopefully this efficiency- minded and money saving mentality will spread from residential appliances to commercial appliances, to the transportation, and entertainment sector as well.

For the complete article and links to the Department of Energy website, click here. Hopefully this step forward inspires you to rethink the appliances you might purchase in the future as well as reconsider some of your everyday practices. Support the people and organizations that are making the changes you would like to see in the world, then get involved to be a part of that change.


EnAct Intern Kelsey


image credits: www.whitehouse.gov


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