Staying Green During Football Season

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Badgerville Tailgate Party

With football just under a week away, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some tips I found for gamedays.  One of the easiest ways to conserve is to try ‘greening’ your tailgate a bit.  Here are a few simple ideas I have that will help you create less of an environmental impact this upcoming football season:

1. Try switching from charcoal to propane.  Although it’s a fossil fuel, burning propane is still the least detrimental to the environment when considering the alternatives, because it burns much cleaner and leaves behind less waste than charcoal or wood.  If you really feel the need to stay true to charcoal, try using a brand that focuses on being a cleaner.  Greenlinks’ All Natural Briquettes are a good example of this.

2. Try limiting the meat you eat during your tailgating.  Meat is one of those foods that are very resource consuming.  From the food the cows eat to the transportation and cooling of the meats, every aspect requires a lot of energy, resources, and time.  Try using Boca Burgers instead of hamburgers, these provide a tasty and ‘greener’ alternative to beef.  If you’re still in a more carnivorous mood, try to find meat from local farms like Black Earth Meats or other distributors.

3. Try to limit the amount of disposables you use.  A huge part of tailgating trash comes from plates and cutlery that are simply thrown away after 1 use.  One way to combat this is to designate dishes and utensils for the whole season; after a game, pack up your dishes and wash them when you get back home, this also saves money because you aren’t purchasing more plates each week.  If you still want to use disposable dishes, look for compostable items which are made with bioresin and are less detrimental to the environment.

4. Finally, bring bags designated for recycling.  There will always be waste, but you can diminish the amount that ends up in a landfill if you take the time to sort out what items can be recycled.  Cans and cups can both be recycled and if you have a easy location to put all the recyclables, you are much more likely to use it.

These are just some very general tips to help anyone looking tread a little more softly during game days.  None of these tasks require much extra work and together, they can drastically improve the quality of your tailgate by creating less waste.

I’m certainly looking forward to another great Badger football season, and I hope you are too!


EnAct Intern Adam


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