Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Its mid-July in Wisconsin, you know what that means. Record high temperatures with motivation crushing humidity. We are all scavenging for ways to stay cool. Whether you have air conditioning or not there are ways you can keep cool while keeping your energy bills down and positively impacting the planet. Here are some tips:

Food and Drink

*Drink, drink, drink! I’m mainly talking about ice-water, but throwing a cold cerveza in the mix won’t do any harm.

*Eat small meals throughout the day so that your body doesn’t have to overwork by digesting a large meal.  Also try eating spicy foods.  I know this may seem strange but many great spicy foods come from hotter areas.  The secret behind this is that spicy foods make you sweat without raising your body temperature so this in turn cools you down.

*Try taking cold water or ice and putting them on your pulse points- your wrists, the back of your neck etc. It really does work, trust me!

*Try to use the microwave or cook outside whenever possible as opposed to using the oven, as this will only add heat to your home.

Daily Habits

*Wear loose breathable clothing.  Linen and seersucker are great for keeping cool.  Try to stay away from fabrics that don’t breath like jeans and khakis as these will only make you hotter.  Also try wearing umbrellas and hats to block you from the sun. Embrace the floppy sun hat trend- insta-chic,even in the heat!

*Sleeping- now I know this is very hard to do when it is hot but there are a couple of tricks.  Try putting your sheets in the freezer a half an hour before going to sleep to cool your entire bed.  Also try to have organic cotton sheets and pillows as opposed to latex or down as that will only trap the heat.

*Use fans!  Fans can make the temperature in a room seem 5-7 degrees cooler, which can make a big difference in this heat.  The bigger the fan the bigger the benefit so ceiling fans and whole house fans are best.  Make sure your fans are spinning in the correct direction to push the cool air down to you so you get the full benefit!  Also make sure to turn fans off when you leave as they are not cooling anything down when you are not there.

Air Conditioning

*If nothing else try going to a movie or dinner in a nicely air conditioned place, or taking a cold shower. If you must use air conditioning: keep your air conditioner filters clean, make sure your weather stripping is tight, draw the drapes during the heat of the day to increase efficiency.

*Set your air conditioner to 78 or higher. Running your air conditioner at colder temperatures won’t cool down a room any faster than a more moderate setting, but it will force your system to work harder. And you’ll probably forget to turn the temperature up later. Stick with the warmest setting you can tolerate, and move on to other stay-cool ideas.

If all else fails, there’s always the Chillow which always lets you be on the cool side of the pillow.

Thank you for reading and participating in the stay cool challenge!

EnAct intern Chelsie


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