What Are Your Colors on Game Day?

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We’re in the middle of football season, and with that comes football parties! While you’re enjoying the big game, are you considering your environmental footprint? Here are some tips for how to have a great party while still being environmentally friendly.

The number one way to reduce environmental impact begins at the store. When stocking up for that party or tailgate, try to reduce waste by purchasing drinks and snacks in bulk without excess packaging. Make sure that most or all of the packaging material can be recycled, like the cardboard casing and plastic film on soda containers. Items bought in bulk are often cheaper than smaller packages, meaning you’re helping your wallet as well.

It wouldn’t be a party without a cookout! However, grills often emit air pollutants that can be harmful to the environment. To cut back on these emissions, use a chimney starter and lump coal, all-natural briquettes, or an electric grill. Make sure you are disposing of these materials in the right location after using them so that nearby ecosystems are not affected. Many stadiums have bins to place hot coals to prevent fires and contamination of the environment.

Food is one of the best parts of a football party, but what are you serving the food on? Instead of using paper or Styrofoam plates, try using dishware that can be washed after the party is over. Many thrift stores sell plastic or ceramic dishware for under $0.75 a piece so it won’t be a problem if they get broken at the tailgate or during an exciting play. Also, try to avoid plastic silverware if possible. When you’re at the thrift store picking out your plates, check if they have any silverware as well. Using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins is also a great idea to reduce waste and save money.

You can also promote recycling at your tailgate or party by having separate bags for recyclables and trash. While many stadiums have trash bins nearby, having your own bags makes it easier for your group to put items in the right place. You could even make this into a competition by having friends and other fans vote for their favorite team by tossing recyclables in labeled bags. See which team fans think will win!

Tailgaters can further reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling to a game. Not only does this reduce your emissions, but it is often easier to find places to park and keep your group together when you have fewer cars. Having friends over to your place for the game? Ask them if they would be willing to carpool, walk, or bike there. You could even provide guests with an incentive for “green” transportation, such as free entry into a raffle or a free drink.

No matter what colors you root for, we can all make sure football celebrations are green!

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