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Clearing out the Medicine Cabinet


When cleaning out the medicine cabinet it is important to remember that medications are unlike any other personal care product. They may not be hazardous when using them appropriately but once misused or deposed of incorrectly there can be serious consequences. Misuse of medications is one of the highest causes of death in the last year, additionally improper disposal of medications can be dangerous for our water supply. Do not be alarmed there is a proper way to dispose of your medications in MedDrop boxes around Dane County!

Why it is Important to Properly Dispose of Pharmaceuticals?


Medications may seem like a small proportion of trash but can add up quickly and one pill can cause  The misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medication can have serious, health consequences and throwing them away in the trash makes them available to anyone who finds them. Throwing medications in the MedDrop boxes guarantees that no one will be harmed!

Another reason it is important to bring medicine to the MedDrop boxes is that pharmaceuticals easily dissolve in water and quickly accumulate in the water system. Flushing medication directly adds the pharmaceuticals to the water system which can either end up in a lake near by or in the drinking water. There is little information on the health impact of pharmaceuticals in water; so it is better safe than sorry!


What Can Go in MedDrop Boxes?

  • Prescription Medicines (pills, liquids and creams)
  • Over-the-Counter Medicine (pills, liquids and creams
  • Medications for Pets
  • Inhalers
  • Vitamins
  • Nebulizer Solution
  • Medication Samples

How to Dispose of Medicine Properly in MedDrop box:

1. Empty contents of pill bottles into a resealable bag and recycle pill bottles.

2. Leave liquids in original containers and place them in the resealable bag.

3. Bring your medicines in resealable bags and drop them in drop box.

Locations in Dane County

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.12.54 AM

  • Cambridge Police Dept. – 200 South Spring St.
  • Deerfield Police Dept. – 7 West Deerfield St.
  • Fitchburg Police Dept. – 5520 Lady Rd.
  • Madison Police East District – 809 South Thompson Dr.
  • Madison Police West District – 1710 McKenna Blvd.
  • Mazomanie Police Dept. – 133 Crescent St.
  • McFarland Police Dept. – 5915 Milwaukee St.
  • Middleton Police Dept. – 7341 Donna Dr.
  • Sun Prairie Police Dept. – 200 E. Main St.
  • Waunakee Police Dept. – 205 N. Klein Dr.

More Information:

Safe Communities, a local organization, website gives more info on public health concerns

The UW Health website offers more personal safety information

Medications are a part of life and proper disposal is as important as proper use. Although medicine may seem like a small portion of your trash, even one pill can have serious consequences.


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