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Winter Bike to Work


Who says that biking is just a summer hobby? Here in Madison every season is biking season! There’s no better way to stay warm outside than to get on your bike and enjoy a bike ride to work during Madison Bike Winter Week. Don’t let the low temperatures and piles of snow discourage you, join the community of bikers for a special Winter Bike Week!

If you are wondering why you should grab your bike instead of heading to the bus or your car, here are some benefits of biking to work:

Save Some Money. According to the the yearly cost of owning and operating a vehicle can be more than $9,000 which is 18% of the average household’s income. Owning and maintaining a bicycle can cost as little as $120 per year.

Lose Some Pounds. When you get home from a long day of work, going to the gym may not be your top priority or desire. Biking to work is a great cardio exercise that will keep you slim and trim all year round.

Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams. Business Insider says that Americans can spend more than 25 minutes in traffic while driving to work every day. Riding a bike can shorten that time and get you to work without the frustration of stand-still traffic.

No More Parking Hassles. If you have tried to park your car in downtown Madison, you have experienced the 15 minute struggle to find a spot. When parking garages fill up and the streets are parked in, you could instead ride your bike directly to your destination location.

Help the Environment. Riding a bike to work contributes greatly to a cleaner environment. Bicycles use no fuel and take less energy to make than cars. You can play a role in reducing transportation emissions and make an impact too!

Sunday, February 8th through Saturday, February 14th will be a full week of winter biking activities for Madison Bike Winter Week! Join Madison bike commuters in celebrating winter biking with a winter bike ride at Barriques, free breakfast at Whole Foods, and much, much more! Check out their Facebook event for a full list of daily activities (

Invite your friends outside of Madison to join in the winter bike craze too! Friday, February 13th is International Winter Bike To Work Day. Commit to biking to work online and see where hundreds of others have committed around the world on an interactive map. Check out more details:



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Earth Month, DreamBikes, and Us

Here at EnAct, we’ve been swept up in a vertiable tornado of Earth Month activities. We were at Isthmus Green Day, at the Nelson Institute’s Earth Day summit, we hosted our own Earth Day party, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s great to spend time in the community, talking with people who are concerned about protecting the planet and leaving the Earth a better place for future generations. People have lots of different motivations for getting involved, and it is great to hear what inspires them and what they hope for the future.

Yesterday was possibly one of my favorite events. We hosted a bike donation for tenants of Network222, a building owned by the Fiore Companies. DreamBikes came out to accept donations of used bikes and provide free tune-ups for people. I can’t say enough about what a wonderful company DreamBikes is. They are a nonprofit organization that works with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to teach kids job skills as they rebuild bikes that are then sold in the community. DreamBikes made a commitment to set up shop in an underserved neighborhood where there were no other  bike shops. They are providing an amazing resource for kids while promoting truly sustainable behavior, in the environmental, the social, and the economic sense.

DreamBikes on Madison’s West Side

Bikes for sale at DreamBikes

So if you are looking for a new ride, please consider our new friends at DreamBikes. And consider what you can do to make Earth Month last all year long.

Be green. Have fun.


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