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Update from re-nest – The Best Green Home Blogs of 2011

Spring is almost here, and that has many of us thinking about ways to make our homes greener when the weather takes a turn for the better!

These days, one of the best ways to keep up on the latest in green home ideas is to keep tabs on the myriad of blogs on the subject. If you are like me and have no idea where to even begin sometimes, check out this blog from re-nest, a green design blog, entitled, “The Homies: Best Green Home Blog of 2011.” Re-nest polled its readers to determine the best of a strong group of blogs that included A Way To Garden, Baby Green, Frugal Kiwi, Pretty Little Things, and The Design Confidential, with A Way To Garden coming out on top.

A Way to Garden is pretty cool. Author Margaret Roach has a ton of advice for current or aspiring gardeners trying to make their homes (and in turn, their lives) more sustainable. This includes posts about tools, techniques, and strategies for getting the most out of your organic garden, as well as recipes for what to do with the food you grow. It’s a great resource for trying to Live Green.

Check out some of the other blogs as well! You never know when you will see something that inspires you to make the most of the coming spring and turn your home green.

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The best things really do come in small packages

Lately there has been a rush in the media about how sustainable city living can be.  I do agree that I drive a lot less since I live in a city, and I do live in closer quarters.  (Sometimes closer than I would prefer :))   However, I never thought that I was being sustainable as I was trying to cram all my clothes into my tiny closet.  It does follow the motto of owning less and living more, and if you look around you can find that there are a lot of things you can do with a small space to be chic and sustainable.

Some people have made a lot from there tiny spaces.  For instance this man from Hong Kong has lived in a 32 square foot apartment for over fifteen years!  And at times he even lived their with his entire family.  What is the trick?  He is an architect and designed the walls to slide so that the one room apartment can be transformed into any room you want- whether that is a den, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It is not too shabby for sure.

Photo provided from

Or check out this apartment in the East Village of New York City that is only 500 square feet- again they found space where you wouldn’t think to look- up.  It just goes to show that you can do a lot more than you would think with small spaces.  It makes you think…what else could I do a lot more with than I think I could?

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Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Green.


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Simplicity: A State of Mind to Living Green

I spend a fair amount of time with my head in design. From interior decoration, to architecture, to unique every-day fashion, I’m all about aesthetics, beauty, and the discovery of ones’ style. How does this fit with staying green? In every way. For me, being eco-friendliness sits naturally with my preferred taste. It’s less about forced eco-actions than it is about a change of mentality. I want to show you a series of blogs that feature the style of simplicity.

Exhibit A: Inside the House

Desire to Inspire – modern, futuristic, rustic, open
Katy Elliot – livable, historic, New England
Inside Urban Green – green walls

These interiors have one thing in common that gives them their appeal: simplicity. Obviously, this level of simplicity is often not achievable when you have kids or in the midst of your daily chaos — however, the concept still stands. In my own life, I’ve developed an extremely disciplined exercise of subtracting “stuff” that just sits in boxes or shelves, useless, to a point where every single thing in my house has an active role. If there are voids to fill, do it like the Toronto Parish and grow plants!

Exhibit B: Passion for Fashion

Fabulously Green – one dress, 365 ways
University of Illinois Extension – uncluttering guide
The Satorialist – on the street fashion, simple, real

While our second link isn’t exactly fashion, it goes along the same philosophy: unclutter your space and your closet, and you’ll feel brand new. For me, fashion isn’t about accumulating pieces, it’s about putting together a coherent, unique outfit with what you have. It’s about knowing your style and believing that you have better taste than most celebrities. Most of my clothes, I’d say 95%, are free hand-me-downs from friends or used clothes from thrift stores. I love the things I end up purchasing, and commit to keep it from gathering dust. When it does, I always know what to do. Simplify!

I’ve really come to love simplicity, and try my best to live the kind of lifestyle that also happens to be ‘green’. I’m no minimalist and could definitely work on my own carbon footprint, that’s for sure — I love food, fashion, art, architecture, new thoughts, travel, adventures, and I couldn’t imagine life without these riches… but in the end, it’s about consuming less while appreciating more.

I could go on, but I should probably do some work…

– Isabella

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