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It’s Raining Barrels in Madison.

This summer I bought two rain barrels and now my neighbors love me. On our narrow city lots, rain barrels meant a lot less water going from my roof onto their home’s foundation. Sustain Dane has their Barrel-palooza this Saturday (November 7) from 9am to 2pm on the Isthmus. Go! Buy! Conserve!

Even though I’m a pretty “green” kinda person, my time with EnAct has inspired me to take lots of different actions to make my life more sustainable. Some of them were easy, like committing to going to the Dane County Farmers’ Market every week. (I do love my fruits and veggies.) Walking more and driving less was also an easy step, because I live in Madison’s highly walkable neighborhood of Williamson-Marquette with easy access to the Willy Street Co-Op and lots of other stores and restaurants.

But buying a rain barrel was a big step. The cost isn’t huge, though we did have to budget for it. And we’re not really handy, so I was a little worried about how to install them.

Sustain Dane offered special free delivery for a few weeks, and that was enough motivation for me to commit. After some consideration, we decided on an oak rain barrel for the front of the house and a plastic rain barrel in back. As we were putting them up, the neighbor who had flooding problems came out of her house to say thanks, which made me feel really good. And my small garden appreciated the extra water as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out to Sustain Dane’s End of Season Barrel-palooza, this Saturday (November 7) from 9am to 2pm. It takes place out of the freight dock at their warehouse, 303 South Paterson, Madison. They’ll have scratch and dent barrels, plus Dual Flush toilet conversion kit for DIY installation- an easy project that will supercharge your water conservation efforts. It’s first-come, first-served, and they can take checks, Visa/MC, and of course cash.

For me, the next step is planning a rain garden around the base of my rain barrels!

Be green. Have fun.


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