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Thanksgiving is Over and that Means…. Leftovers!

One thing I really love about Thanksgiving is that everyone seems to go back to their roots a bit.  People make things from scratch that maybe they would normally buy pre-made, and people dig out the old recipes and cookbooks that have been in their family for generations and start to get to work.  They strap on the aprons and put on a fire.  All in the name of tradition. I have always loved Thanksgiving because it has everything I love, food, family, cooking, and a little football thrown in there for good measure. But in terms of living sustainably, it has something else I love….people coming together and wasting less.

It is common and even highly anticipated to eat Thanksgiving leftovers for weeks after Thanksgiving.  In the case of big families you send all your relatives home with leftovers, or in the case of smaller families you call your neighbors and friends to prevent Thanksgiving leftovers from being wasted.  Many people get creative with Thanksgiving leftovers and make fabulous creations such as gobbler, and moist maker sandwiches.  It is even common to make turkey soup out of the bones when all the meat is gone and savor that until Christmas and the New Year.

All of these actions probably come naturally to us this time of year.  It’s what we have always done.  But what we are really doing is wasting less.  We are trying to use every last bit of the Thanksgiving meal, and in that we are putting a lot less into the landfill.  So, think about the actions you take for Thanksgiving and try to relay that into everyday meals and everyday actions.  After-all, you already know you can do it, and isn’t that part of what makes the holidays so much fun?

For ideas for recreating your thanksgiving leftovers click here.

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Green Up Your Gobble

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it comes food, friends, and family. There are many ways to lessen the carbon footprint of your Thanksgiving celebration, such as purchasing a locally raised turkey, turning down the thermostat in your house (I always seem to get so hot anyway, with all the people and food cooking!),  and gathering in a centrally-located area to reduce travel. Planet Green offers a slew of basic tips, but also interesting Thanksgiving facts.  Modern Eco Homes also offers some tips for a greener Thanksgiving.

On a side note, last week I blogged about a couple green businesses. I just discovered another one, which was just recently established in Madison, and is one of the first of its kind. It’s called Mother Earth Cleaners, which is a locally-owned cleaning company that uses solely sustainable cleaning products.  What a great role model for cleaning companies.

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