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CNN asks: Could you go car free?

Today CNN posted a link to asking people to go car-free for one day. Could you do it? WOULD you do it?

We all know that Americans love their cars. But did you know that the average car spends 95% of its time parked? Seems like a big waste of money!

Today CNN posted a link to asking people to share stories about their car-free life. As you’ll see, lots of people can and do live a car-free (or at least car-lite!) life.

Here’s my story: I started working for EnAct 3 weeks ago and decided to try commuting by bike. I haven’t been on a bike in many years and I’m not a very confident rider. But our office is close to my home and there is a bike path most of the way, so I’m giving it a whirl. My co-workers made it easier by showing me the optimal route through the streets surrounding the capitol, which is where our office is located. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it—the fresh air, the slow pace, even that final push up the hill are all good. AND I’m saving on gas, wear and tear on my car, and parking fees. Trust me when I say that if I can do it, ANYONE can.

EnAct, Madison Environmental Group, and Community Car will celebrate World Car Free Day on September 22. Drop by if you are in the neighborhood! And if you have a car-free story to tell, post it on…let’s represent Madison!

– Maria


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